Wise County Bird List



This checklist is an online, multimedia version of the paper Wise County bird list (available in .pdf format below).  It was developed mainly by Mary Curry and I am now maintaining it.  Right now I think there are some species that may be on one list and not the other, but I will fix the discrepancies when I have time.

Click here for the 1999-2002 Wise County Christmas Bird Count results

Key to media and seasonal occurrence

For a printable Wise County bird list in the Adobe pdf format click here, (list is 8 1/2 X 14 inches)

New photos

Species Media Available Seasonal Occurrence
Ducks and Geese    
Greater White-fronted Goose, Anser albifrons   winter  spring  fall
Snow Goose, Chen caerulescens   spring  fall
Ross's Goose, Chen rossii fall
Canada Goose, Branta Canadensis winter  spring  fall
Wood Duck, Aix sponsa      winter  spring  summer  fall
Gadwall, Anas strepera winter
American Wigeon, Anas Americana winter
Mallard, Anas platyrhynchos winter  spring  summer  fall
Blue-winged Teal, Anas discors   spring  fall
Northern Shoveler, Anas clypeata   winter
Northern Pintail,  Anas acuta   winter
Green-winged Teal, Anas crecca   winter
Canvasback, Aythya valisineria   winter
Redhead, Aythya americana   winter
Ring-necked Duck, Aythya collaris   winter
*Greater Scaup, Aythya marila   spring  fall
Lesser Scaup, Aythya affinis   winter
Bufflehead, Bucephala albeola   winter
Common Goldeneye, Bucephala clangula   winter
Hooded Merganser, Lophodyted cucullatus   winter
Common Merganser, Mergus merganser   winter
Ruddy Duck, Oxyura jamaicensis   winter
Common Loon, Gavia immer   spring  fall
Pied-billed Grebe, Podilymbus podiceps   winter  spring  summer  fall
*Horned Grebe, Podiceps auritus   winter
Eared Grebe, Podiceps nigricollis winter
American White Pelican, Pelecanus erythrorhynchos winter  spring  fall
Double-crested Cormorant, Phalacrocorax auritus   spring  fall
Herons and Egrets    
American Bittern, Botauras lentiginousus   spring  fall

Great Blue Heron, Ardea herodias

   winter  spring  summer  fall
Great Egret, Ardea albus  summer
Snowy Egret, Egretta thula summer
Little Blue Heron, Egretta caerulea summer
Tricolored Heron, Egretta tricolor   fall
Cattle Egret, Bubulcus ibis summer
Green Heron, Butorides virescens summer
Black-crowned Night-heron, Nyctanassa nycticorax fall
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, Nyctanassa violacea   summer
White-faced Ibis, Plegadis chihi fall
Black Vulture, Coragyps atratus   winter  spring  summer  fall
Turkey Vulture, Cathartes aura winter  spring  summer  fall
Hawks, Falcons, and Eagles    
Osprey, Pandion haliaetus   
Mississippi Kite, Ictinia mississippiensis summer
Bald Eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus  
Northern Harrier, Circus cyaneus    winter
Sharp-shinned Hawk, Accipiter striatus winter
Cooper’s Hawk, Accipiter cooperii   winter  spring  summer  fall
Red-shouldered Hawk, Buteo lineatus   winter  spring  summer  fall
Broad-winged Hawk, Buteo platypterus   spring  summer  fall
Swainson’s Hawk, Buteo swainsoni spring  summer  fall
Red-tailed Hawk, Buteo jamaicensis winter  spring  summer  fall
Ferruginous Hawk, Buteo regalis winter
Rough-legged Hawk, Buteo lagopus   winter
American Kestrel, Falco sparverius winter  spring  summer  fall
Merlin, Falco columbarius winter
Peregrine Falcon, Falco peregrinus     summer
Prairie Falcon, Falco mexicanus    winter

Wild Turkey, Meleagris gallopavo

            Rio Grande

winter  spring  summer  fall
Northern Bobwhite, Colinus virginianus   winter  spring  summer  fall
Rails and Relatives of Rails    
Sora, Porzana carolina spring  fall
American Coot, Fulica americana winter  spring  summer  fall
Sandhill Crane, Grus canadensis     spring  fall
*Whooping Crane, Grus americana   spring  fall
Killdeer, Charadrius vociferus   winter  spring  summer  fall
Black-necked Stilt, Himantopus mexicanus   fall
Greater Yellowlegs, Tringa melanoleuca       winter  spring  fall
Lesser Yellowlegs, Tringa flavipes spring  fall
Solitary Sandpiper, Tringa solitaria spring  fall
Willet, Catoptrophorus semipalmatus   spring  fall
Spotted Sandpiper, Actitus macularia spring  fall
Upland Sandpiper, Bartramia longicauda     spring  fall

Long-billed Curlew, Numenius americanus

  spring  fall
Semipalmated Sandpiper, Calidris pusilla   spring  fall
Western Sandpiper, Calidris mauri   spring  fall
Least Sandpiper, Calidris minutilla winter
White-rumped Sandpiper, Calidris fuscicollis spring  fall
Baird's Sandpiper, Calidris bairdii spring  fall
Pectoral Sandpiper, Calidris melanotos  
Stilt Sandpiper, Calidris himantopus spring  fall
Buff-breasted Sandpiper, Tryngites subruficollis    spring   fall
Short-billed Dowitcher, Limnodromus griseus   spring  fall
Wilson's Snipe, Gallinago gallinago winter
American Woodcock, Scolopax minor   winter
Wilson's Phalarope, Phalaropus tricolor spring  fall
*Red-necked Phalarope, Phalaropus lobatus   spring  fall
Gulls and Terns    
Franklin’s Gull, Larus pipixcan spring  fall
Bonaparte's Gull, Larus philadelphia  
Ring-billed Gull, Larus delawarensis winter
Forster’s Tern, Sterna forsteri spring  fall
Doves and Pigeons    
Rock Dove, Columba livia   winter  spring  summer  fall
Eurasian Collared-Dove, Streptopelia decaocto winter  spring  summer  fall
White-winged Dove, Zenaida asiatica winter  spring  summer  fall
Mourning Dove, Zenaida macroura    winter  spring  summer  fall
Inca Dove, Columbina inca winter  spring  summer  fall
Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Coccyzus americanus    summer
Greater Roadrunner, Geococcyx californianus   winter  spring  summer  fall
Barn Owl, Tyto alba winter  spring  summer  fall
Eastern Screech-Owl, Otus asio   winter  spring  summer  fall
Great Horned Owl, Bubo virginianus winter  spring  summer  fall
Barred Owl, Strix varia   winter  spring  summer  fall
*Long-eared Owl, Asio otus   winter
Common Nighthawk, Chordeiles minor   summer
Chuck-will’s-widow, Caprimulgus carolinensis   summer
Chimney Swift, Chaetura pelagica   summer
Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Archilochus colubris   spring  fall
Black-chinned Hummingbird, Archilochus alexandri   summer
Calliope Hummingbird, Stellula calliope fall
Rufous Hummingbird, Selasphorus rufus fall
Belted Kingfisher, Cerlye alcyon winter  spring  summer  fall
Red-headed Woodpecker, Melanerpes erythyocephalus winter  spring  summer  fall
Red-bellied Woodpecker, Melanerpes carolinus   winter  spring  summer  fall
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Sphyrapicus varius             winter
Ladder-backed Woodpecker, Picoides scalaris winter  spring  summer  fall
Downy Woodpecker, Picoides pubescens   winter  spring  summer  fall
Hairy Woodpecker, Picoides villosus   winter  spring  summer  fall
Northern Flicker, Colaptes auratus






Pileated Woodpecker, Dryocopus pileatus   winter  spring  summer  fall
Eastern Wood-Pewee, Contopus virens summer
Acadian Flycatcher, Empidonax virescens   summer
Least Flycatcher, Empidonax minimus fall
Eastern Phoebe, Sayornis phoebe   winter  spring  summer  fall
Say's Phoebe, Sayornis saya fall
Vermilion Flycatcher, Pyrocephalus rubinus spring
Great Crested Flycatcher, Myiarchus crinitus summer
Western Kingbird, Tyrannus verticalis    summer
Eastern Kingbird, Tyrannus tyrannus   summer
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, Tyrannus forficatus   summer
Loggerhead Shrike, Lanius ludovicianus   winter  spring  summer  fall
White-eyed Vireo, Vireo griseus     summer
Bell’s Vireo, Vireo bellii spring  fall
Blue-headed Vireo, Vireo solitarius   spring  fall
Red-eyed Vireo, Vireo olivaceus     summer
Crows and Jays    
Blue Jay, Cyanocitta cristata   winter  spring  summer  fall
American Crow, Corvus brachyrhynchos   winter  spring  summer  fall
Horned Lark, Eremophila alpestris winter  spring  summer  fall
Swallows and Martins    
Purple Martin, Progne subis summer
Northern Rough-winged Swallow, Stelgidopteryx serripennis   summer
Bank Swallow, Riparia riparia   spring  fall
Cliff Swallow, Petrochelidon pyrrhonota summer
Barn Swallow, Hirundo rustica    summer

Carolina Chickadee, Poecile carolinensis

  winter  spring  summer  fall
Tufted Titmouse, Baeolophus bicolor     winter  spring  summer  fall
*Red-breasted Nuthatch, Sitta canadensis   winter
White-breasted Nuthatch, Sitta carolinensis   winter  spring  summer  fall
Brown Creeper, Certhia americana winter
Carolina Wren, Thryothorus ludovicianus   winter  spring  summer  fall

Bewick’s Wren, Thryromanes bewickii

winter  spring  summer  fall
House Wren, Troglodytes aedon   spring  fall
Winter Wren, Troglodytes troglodytes   winter
Golden-crowned Kinglet, Regulus satrapa   winter
Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Regulus calendula winter
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Polioptila caerulea   summer
Eastern Bluebird, Sialia sialis    winter  spring  summer  fall
*Western Bluebird, Sialia mexicana   winter
*Townsend’s Solitaire, Myadestes townsendi   winter
Swainson’s Thrush, Catharus ustulatus   spring  fall
Hermit Thrush, Catharus guttatus winter
American Robin, Turdus migratorius winter  spring  summer  fall
Thrashers and Mockingbirds    
Northern Mockingbird, Mimus polyglottos   winter  spring  summer  fall
Brown Thrasher, Toxostoma rufum    winter  spring  summer  fall
European Starling, Sturnus vulgaris      winter  spring  summer  fall
American Pipit, Anthus rubescens winter
Sprague's Pipit, Anthus spragueii   spring  fall
Cedar Waxwing, Bombycilla cedrorum    winter
Tennessee Warbler, Vermivora peregrina   spring  fall
Orange-crowned Warbler, Vermivora celata   winter
Nashville Warbler, Vermivora ruficapilla   spring  fall
Yellow Warbler, Dendroica petechia    spring  fall
*Chestnut-sided Warbler, Dendroica pensylvanica   spring  fall

Yellow-rumped Warbler, Dendroica coronata 

            “Audubon’s Warbler”

            “Myrtle Warbler”





Black-throated Green Warbler, Dendroica virens

  spring  fall
Pine Warbler, Dendroica pinus   spring  fall
Black-and-white Warbler, Mniotilta varia     summer
American Redstart, Setophaga ruticilla   spring  fall
Prothonotary Warbler, Protonotaria citrea   spring  fall
Northern Waterthrush, Seiurus noveboracensis   spring  fall
Louisiana Waterthrush, Seiurus motacilla   spring  fall
Common Yellowthroat, Geothlypis trichas   spring  fall
Wilson's Warbler, Wilsonia pusilla   spring  fall
Yellow-breasted Chat, Icteria virens   spring  fall
Summer Tanager, Piranga rubra   summer
Towhees, Sparrows, and Juncos    
Eastern Towhee, Pipilo erythrophthalmus   winter
Spotted Towhee, Pipilo maculates winter
Cassin’s Sparrow, Aimophila cassinii summer
Rufous-crowned Sparrow, Aimophila ruficeps   winter  spring  summer  fall
American Tree Sparrow, Spizella arborea   winter
Chipping Sparrow, Spizella passerina winter  spring   fall
Clay-colored Sparrow, Spizella pallida   spring  fall
Field Sparrow, Spizella pusilla     winter  spring  summer  fall
Vesper Sparrow, Pooecetes gramineus winter
Lark Sparrow, Chondestes grammacus   winter summer
Savannah Sparrow, Passerculus sandwichensis    winter
Grasshopper Sparrow, Ammodramus savannarum    summer
*Henslow's Sparrow, Ammodramus henslowii   fall
LeConte’s Sparrow, Ammodramus leconteii winter
Fox Sparrow, Passerella iliaca winter
Song Sparrow, Melospiza melodia winter
Lincoln’s Sparrow, Melospiza lincolnii    winter
Swamp Sparrow, Melospiza georgiana   winter
White-throated Sparrow, Zonotrichia albicollis winter
Harris’s Sparrow, Zonotrichia querula winter
White-crowned Sparrow, Zonotrichia leucophyrs

            subspecies leucophrys 

            subspecies gambelii




Dark-eyed Junco, Junco hyemalis winter
McCown's Longspur, Calcarius mccownii   winter
Cardinals, Grosbeaks, and Buntings    
Northern Cardinal, Cardinalis cardinalis   winter  spring  summer  fall
Blue Grosbeak, Guiraca caerulea   summer
Indigo Bunting, Passerina cyanea summer
Painted Bunting, Passerina ciris   summer
Dickcissel, Spiza americana summer
Blackbirds, Meadowlarks, and Orioles    
Red-winged Blackbird, Agelaius phoeniceus   winter  spring  summer  fall
Eastern Meadowlark, Sturnella magna   winter  spring  summer  fall
Western Meadowlark, Sturnella neglecta    winter
Yellow-headed Blackbird, Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus      spring  fall
Rusty Blackbird, Euphagus carolinus   winter
Brewer’s Blackbird, Euphagus cyanocephalus winter
Common Grackle, Quiscalus quiscula    winter  spring  summer  fall
Great-tailed Grackle, Quiscalus mexicanus    winter  spring  summer  fall
Brown-headed Cowbird, Molothrus ater    winter  spring  summer  fall
Orchard Oriole, Icterus spurious spring  summer  fall
Baltimore Oriole, Icterus galbula   spring  summer  fall
Bullock’s Oriole, Icterus bullockii   spring  fall
Purple Finch, Carpodacus pupureus   winter
House Finch, Carpodacus mexicanus   winter  spring  summer  fall
Red Crossbill, Loxia curvirostra   winter
Pine Siskin, Carduelis pinus    winter
Lesser Goldfinch, Carduelis psaltria   winter/spring
American Goldfinch, Carduelis tristis   winter
Evening Grosbeak, Coccothraustes vespertinus   winter
Old World Sparrows    
House Sparrow, Passer domesticus   winter  spring  summer  fall




Winter- Birds that are winter residents


Spring- Birds that come through on spring migration


Summer- Birds that stay for breeding


Fall- Birds that come through on fall migration



Rare or uncommon birds have the season in which they were sighted.



* Unconfirmed birds without sufficient documentation


- Video clip


- Song and/or call


- Field Identification and/or Field Observations


- Still Photographs and/or sketches


If you have seen birds that are not yet on the list, please let me know.

Bird songs and calls recorded and edited by Claire and Mary Curry unless otherwise noted.

Video clips by Mary Curry

Key icons created by P. Curry

The author/artist is credited for his/her photographs, art, and/or text with each species profile. Copyright laws apply. 


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