5 3/4"

FIELD IDENTIFICATION: The Cedar Waxwing is a winter resident of Wise County.  The head and back are brownish, and there is a black face mask.  The wings are blue-gray, with waxy red tips to some feathers on the wings.  The underside is a creamy yellow from the breast down, and the bird's undertail coverts are white.  The tail is gray with a yellow tip.  The bird has a sleek, smooth shape, and sports a low, smoothed- back crest.

Field I.D. by Claire Curry

Photo by Carolyn Konecny on January 26, 2003 in Decatur, Texas.

Photo by Claire Curry, in April 2000.

Photo by Mary Curry, on March 27, 2001 near Bridgeport Lake, Wise County.