Video Clip (male -also in clip American Goldfinches and male House Finch)

Video Clip (female)

Taped in Greenwood, Texas in the Spring 2001

FIELD IDENTIFICATION: The Purple Finch is an uncommon winter resident in Wise County.  On both the male and female, the tail is deeply and noticeably notched.  When head feathers are raised, it givers the bird the appearance of having a shaggy, peaked head.

 The adult male is has a rose pink and magenta patterned head, pinkish wash on the breast, and brown patterned back, infused with pink.  The heavy conical beak is gray.

Female Purple Finches are milk-chocolate brown, with streaked breast, and strong pale stripes on the head.  The head stripes are on the supercilium (eyebrow), and malar.

Field I.D. by Claire Curry


Stills from videos by Mary Curry, January 2001.


Photo by Claire Curry in Greenwood, Texas in early March 2001



Field sketches by Claire Curry in March 2001