FIELD IDENTIFICATION: The noisy Killdeer, a plover, can be seen or heard all year in Wise County.  It has two bands on its breast (necklaces), and in flight its rufous rump and white wing stripe are very visible.  It is well-known for faking a broken wing to lead predators away from its well-camouflaged nest, eggs, and young.  When it is displaying the "broken wing", the bright rufous rump is very visible.

The above photograph was taken by David Hastings.

 (Copies of this photo are available for purchase at the club meetings.)

The above three photographs were taken by Len Jowitt's son in Collinsville, Texas April 29,  2001. The Killdeer had laid her eggs right in the middle of the driveway.


The above two photographs were taken by Claire Curry in the Spring 2000.