L 32" W 55"

FIELD IDENTIFICATION: The Great Egret is one of the largest of the white egrets.  Only a little smaller than the Great Blue Heron, the adult of this magnificent bird is a long-necked, white wader with a heavy yellow beak and black legs and feet.  The Snowy Egret is similar, but has a thinner black beak.  In flight, it can be confused with the small and stocky Cattle Egret, but this much smaller bird has shallow wing-beats compared to the laboring, deep strokes of the Great Egret.

Taken by B.D. Deady at Gorilla Point on Lake Bridgeport in May 2001

Taken by Claire Curry at the Heard Museum Sanctuary in McKinney, Texas on March 31, 2000. Note the lime-green lores.


Photographed by David Hastings.

 (Copies of this photo are available for purchase at the club meetings.)

Sketched in pencil by Claire Curry (Summer 2000)