FIELD IDENTIFICATION: The lovely Eastern Bluebird is a year-long resident of Wise County.  The adult male has an almost glowing blue back, head, and tail.  The throat and breast are rust-orange.  The belly and undertail coverts are white.  Females are a grayer version of the male, and the throat is gray.  Immatures and juveniles are similar to the female, but have less blue,  eyerings, and have varying amounts of spots on their breasts.

Field I.D. by Claire Curry

        Female sitting on nest in a nestbox.

Immature Bluebirds

Photo by Claire Curry

Newly fledged bluebird

Photo by Mary Curry

Sketched in color pencil by Claire Curry (Summer 2000)

Photographed by David Hastings.

 (Copies of this photo are available for purchase at the club meetings or by contacting David Hastings, PO Box 769, Rhome, Texas 76078)